Fake Numbers

As theorised by @nuclearbrainrot on 𝕏itter, Fake Numbers (represented as an ☺)
are a type of number, adjacent to both real and imaginary numbers (see graph)

These numbers have many distinct features, listed below. It is suspected that the study of fake numbers
can lead to the unification of quantum mechanics and general relativity, due to their unique propity of being linked
to the Nue constant, which was once thought to be purely mythical.

Studies on fake numbers (and all related theories) are currently in their infancy, so information
here is subject to be made redundant with further research. As such, while all information here is thought to be
accurate on date of writing, it is to be taken with a grain of salt. Make sure to contact @nuclearbrainrot on 𝕏itter
if it is believed that information here is innacurate.

Fake Numbers have many distinct features. These include:

- Fake Numbers are not 'placeholders' for other values, but rather themselves

By definition, Fake Numbers are not 'placeholders' (e.g. x is often used as a placeholder. Fake Numbers are not placeholders). While not a unique property to Fake Numbers, this is an important property in conjunction with other properties described later.

- Fake Numbers exist as the values of all other numbers

In contrast to all other numbers, Fake Numbers aren't wholly defined by their stated value (e.g. 3 is stated as the value 3 ∴ 3 will always be 3. 3☺ isn't necessarily 3☺ at all times).

Take the Fake complex Number x + yi + z☺
This number has the potential to be any other number with component z☺, via means of mathamatical operations.
For example, z☺ can exist as 2z☺, by taking z☺ and multiplying by 2.

A common misconception is that Fake Numbers are hard to work with due to them existing as all other values.
While this would stand true with other numbers, Fake Numbers are able to be worked with due to them all being related to the Nue Constant.

- Fake Numbers exist as the direct opposite of a matrix

Due to the nature of Fake Numbers existing as the values of all other numbers, they also exist as the
opposite of a matrix (notably distinct to the inverse of a matrix). Each Fake Number is, in itself, a self-contained space
of 'solutions'. The use of Fake Numbers within matrix operations is a task left to the reader.

- Fake Numbers have negative effects on the entity operating with them

Due to the nature of Fake Numbers, many researchers have reported minor injuries while working with them, both mental and physical.
While there is no direct evidence to suggest that working with Fake Numbers causes said injuries, caution is advised

I haven't finished this section yet. For now, imagine there is something important here :)

"aargh neutons equqtions all have a secret fake number in there" - Sophie the G0AT
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Special thanks to 𝕏itter users @URLslug and @ununiuniuni for their work
into the Fake Numbers

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